Ethno Cultural Festival in Comrat
Ethno Cultural Festival in Comrat

Ethno Cultural Festival has been organized for the second time in Comrat this Saturday, on May 30, 2015.

The festival has been officially opened by Vasilisa Petrovici, head of department for cultural affairs of Gagauzia . She expressed her hopes that this festival will become a tradition for this region.

“It can’t be other way, Gagauzia is our home, for Gagauz, Moldovans, Ukrainians, Russians, Bulgarians, Poles, Roma and other ethnic minorities, who live on this territories for years”, said Vasilisa Petrovici.

Head of TIKA Agency in Moldova, Janan Alpaslan, thanked Irina Vlah, baskan of Gagauz Autonomy and department for cultural affairs for their support for the festival.

“Cherish and promote cultural values is important to each family. We have to transfer our culture, traditions and customs from generation to generation”, said Janan Alpaslan.

The idea to organize the festival came from Tatiana Rakovcena, head of Bulgarian community in Gagauzia. She thanked European Center Pro-Europa from Comrat that supported the idea and helped in organizing it.

At her turn, Liudmila Mitioglo, president of European Center Pro-Europa, pointed that the ethno festival is not just a celebration of culture and traditions. Its goal is to promote the real values to young generation.

“We want to promote the culture of each ethnic minority from Gagauzia and to create a platform for discussions for these people”, said Ms. Mitioglo.

Various local bands performed in front of the people at the festival. Also everybody could enjoy a representative folk-market and buy various handmade articles.

Ecaterina Cojocaru, from “Women Initiative” organization participated at the market with handmade articles performed by children with disabilities.

“I enjoyed the festival very much. Children had an amazing dance performance. This kind of events are very useful for Comrat”, said one of the participants.

The Ethno Cultural Festival has been organized by European Center “Pro-Europa” from Comrat in partnership with Executive Committee of Gagauzia, Bulgarian Community from Gagauzia, Comrat Museum of History and Natural Science and Polish Community from Gagauzia.

The event has been organized by European Center „Pro-Europa” from Comrat within the project “Ethno Cultural Festival” financed by Ministry of Culture of Republic of Moldova and within the project “European Interactive Center from Comrat” financed by European Endowment for Democracy (EED).


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